iGetit is a web based procurement management system which has been developed and copyright of Aptitude Management Services LLC (AMS).

iGetit provides a reliable system for the management of procurement process for:

  • FF&E Budget (Furniture Fittings & Equipment)
  • OS&E Budget (Operating Supplies & Equipment)

The system is capable of managing any number of budget types as a customisation of the base system to suit Client Requirements.

iGetit can manage the procurement information for multiple companies operating from various global locations.

The application was developed using Microsoft .NET framework 4.5 and SQL Server 2014 backend and runs with Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition on Windows Azure cloud-based platform.


Aptitude Management Services LLC (AMS) is a Dubai-based company that supports the property sector with strategic asset information management services. The company represents a variety of Information Management systems in the region and has developed the iGetit procurement management system in-house.

CEO Douglas Langmead has been active in the Gulf Region since 1979. Following many years of experience in leading and coordinating major construction projects throughout the Gulf, he set up a management company in Bahrain in 2000, relocating to Dubai in 2012 to be closer to key markets.

Technical Manager Duleepa Hendagama has a strong background of programming and development of Information Technology software and systems. He has the ability to analyse business needs and develop tools that improve efficiency, communications and collaboration.

AMS has been developing and supporting web-based information management systems in the Middle East region since 2007.

Requirement Specification

The iGetit web-based procurement management system provides the following key functionalities:

  • Allow access through the Internet for global operations.
  • Allow customers to access the system to view specific information.
  • Provide strict security features, controlling user access to system functionality and information. Client access is restricted to nominated projects.
  • Multiple-companies and multinational currency operations.
  • Maintain project information.
  • Maintain client's budgets & comparison between approved budgets & working budgets.
  • Maintain FF&E and OS&E budgets for each projects from initial specification through to procurements.
  • Electronic tendering.
  • Creating and managing purchasing process including purchase orders variations.
  • Ability to sign purchase orders digitally.
  • Maintain supplier invoice information.
  • Provide comprehensive financial and procurement reporting.
  • Maintain contacts/user access via built-in Address book.
  • Ability to export data and reports into PDF & Excel spreadsheets.
  • Ability to manage shipments.
  • Ability to define various document types with attachments such as Shop Drawing, Bill Of Lading, Packing List, Certificate Of Origin, Operation & Maintenance, Requests For Information (RFI), Flame Retardant (FR) Certificate, Product Image, etc...
  • Ability to upload/view attachments via a document-viewer.

Business Process

The iGetit Procurement management system is used for maintaining project budget and purchasing information.

The process of Quotation Management is handled within the system and the final selection of suppliers and their quoted prices update against each item automatically upon selecting the Tender, formalising the project budget.

Purchase Orders are generated by the system using a sequential numbering system. The system maintains the information about goods received and invoices. It provides comprehensive reporting for items and their budgets. The budget information is adjusted constantly until the final approval of vendor prices.

Figure 1 - Business Process

System Modules

Modules included with the V1.0.3 version are:-

Figure 2 - System Login & Administration
Figure 3 - Tendering
Figure 4 - Budgeting
Figure 5 - Purchasing
Figure 6 - Shipments
Figure 7 - Documents

System Requirements

Description Configuration
Operating System Windows Server 2012 Datacenter R2
Database Microsoft SQL Server Standard 2014
Memory 3.5 GB RAM
Storage 250 GB
Processor 1.6 Ghz x2
Storage for document attachments 1TB
Figure 8 - iGetit Infrastructure

Client Configuration

Client configuration required to run the application includes.

  • PC running on Windows XP or higher operating system.
  • Internet Explorer v 9, higher or Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari.
  • Active Internet connection.
  • Java Script needs to be enabled in the browser.

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