NBS - New Building System

NBS presents a new internationally patented technology that will revolutionise the built environment

  • New Building Systems has been at the forefront of the design and construction industry for over 30 years.
  • NBS is an Australian Company with interests in The Middle East, Asia, China, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Our directors and their associates are seasoned professionals; architects, engineers, builders and environmental scientists. NBS is also working with a leading Australian University on aspects offurther research and development.

The System

  • Exoskeleton structure made from struts and connectors that produce a very strong three dimensional matrix or space frame.
  • A unique geometric system similar to the cellular structure found in plants that gives NBS structures a light weight flexibility and strength.
  • All material prefabricated and manufactured to engineering tolerances not possible on a building site.
  • Components delivered in containers with a barcode system and ready for assembly. Tools required for assembly would be limited to a barcode reader, glue gun and a battery operated screw gun.
  • Infinite number of design possibilities both within the structure and by inclosing spaces using standard size panels and partitions that are active or have live components.


  • Aluminum castings (connectors) and extrusions (struts).
  • Polyurethane sandwich panels (floors, walls and ceilings).
  • Aluminum PVC composite panels (external and internal finishes).

Packing and Delivery Solutions

  • All System components used in NBS Systems fit within a standard b meter shipping container for delivery.
  • All components individually weigh less than 20 kg.
  • All components ore pocked and delivered to site in their correct order for assembly.
  • All components are barcoded and referenced back to an electronic assembly plan and schedule.


  • Thermal rating on floor walls and ceiling R5.
  • High acoustic rating on walls and floors better rating than concrete.
  • Double glazed window systems with smart glass options. High thermal and acoustic ratings.
  • Extremely strong and durable (will not rust or rot).
  • Light weight (approx. 60% lighter than a concrete slab and timber frame structure).
  • All components manufactured to millimeter tolerances.
  • All components factory prefinished to avoid site work.
  • Extremely easy to assemble.
  • High quality finishes with powder coat and alucobond (thousands of colours and finishes available).
  • Minimal maintenance with nanotechnology cleaning available for external finishes.


  • No one component weighs more than 40kg for delivery to site, making logistics easy.
  • No equipment required for erection other than a barcode reader, glue gun and a battery operated screw gun.
  • Ideal for building on very steep slopes.
  • Can be made buoyant for aquatic applications.
  • Minimal site preparation.
  • No concrete footings for one or two story projects.
  • Enormous reduction in labour costs.

Applications for NBS technology are endless...

Residential Systems: Eco House

Housing, Apartment, Office and Hotel Systems

  • Housing Systems can provide exciting design solutions particularly on difficult sites with little or no environmental impact at a fraction of the normal cost and still supplying a fantastic internal space that is thermally and acoustically efficient, using double glazing and smart service options.
  • Apartments and High Rise Systems allow the division of tall buildings into two main elements. The structural core, service systems and the habitable space, The light weight and stable NBS structure can be hung from the main structural core like beehives.
  • School Systems are standardised but still have flexibility of internal spaces. Our system allows the classrooms to interlock and be added to or subtracted from with ease. All the components are interchangeable meaning that components from a school in Australia will be compatible with a classroom in England allowing the design of a learning environment that is familiar to both students and teachers.

Residential Systems: Apartments

School Systems

High Rise Systems, Offices

Hotel Systems

Circular Quay

Floating Systems

Floating Systems: Resorts

  • A building system that also floats on water.
  • Finished with butyl rubber membrane to the substrate effectively forming pontoons that are capable of supporting 2 story-buildings over water.
  • NBS offers Systems for marinas, jetties, floating resorts, commercial oyster farms, buildings for flood prone areas and disaster response systems.

Floating Systems: Marina

Mining/Construction and Defence Systems

Mining Systems: Site Office

  • Can facilitate the mining & building industry for onsite offices and accommodation. As no wet footings are required for installation this makes Our System simple and easy to install, relocate or remove. The octagonal plan format generate spacers that are much more user friendly than narrow rectangular shipping container size modules for offices and living spaces.
  • NBS defence system is extremely easy to transport and can be erected anywhere in the world for accommodation, command posts and field hospitals. NBS Defence System can be installed in any environment; wet, dry, flooded, level, steep, rocky etc. We also offer versions that are totally autonomous and bullet proof.

Defence Systems: Field Hospital

Transportable and Autonomous Systems

Transportable Systems

  • Our System is made up of simple, lightweight, prefabricated and prefinished components, ready to assemble and easily transported to any location around the world in 6 meter shipping containers.
  • The components are placed in the containers in the correct order for assembly and assembly can be carried out using nothing more than a battery operated screw gun. NBS has developed what we call our (LSM) or Life Support Module. This package of essential services is located within the floor space, providing fresh water, power in compressed air storage tanks, sewer and battery backup, We also have integrated alternative energy systems; solar & wind power generation.
  • Our Systems do not require connection to the grid or other services as we have the capacity to provide a truly autonomous building system.

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